I started this blog one year ago with a post called “2018”.  It was so hopeful. I was doing a Whole 30, exercising, and I had a plan to declutter my home in six months. As always, I resolved to pray and meditate daily.

Now, looking back at 2018, I can say that I did complete that Whole 30.  And I did complete another one during Lent for six whole weeks!!  And I lost a total of 15 pounds! But after Easter, I went back to my usual eating habits; and sometime during the fall, I stopped working out. I’ve gained back most of the weight I lost.  I made huge progress on the decluttering, but I did not complete the project. I lost interest in the fall, perhaps around October, when I went on a Hallmark Christmas movies binge.

This was an emotional year for me.  It was filled with uncertainty and change, and the feelings that go along with it. I was often full of fear, and I have also enjoyed the freedom and peace that comes from prayer and trusting in God’s power.

As 2019 was approaching, I felt the familiar desire for setting goals and the hopefulness of achieving them as I have so often done during my adult years. But at the same time I felt a fogginess of mind, a lethargy that has stopped me from enthusiastically setting goals.  I don’t know its cause.  I suspect perimenopause, or burn-out, and/or a desire to rest and take things one day at a time.  So this year I am starting out slowly. I do want to plan out my weeks, (I do not enjoy winging it with dinner) just not the whole year.

I signed up for an online course called Simplified Organization. It’s a six month course, so it will be very slow moving. Many of the tools in it I may already use, but I am most interested in being encouraged in fulfilling the roles of my vocation more cheerfully. I’ve also been reading books for fun, for inspiration to live more “intentionally” as people say nowadays, and for growing spiritually.

Here’s my list:

I expect to eventually set goals, not for 2019, but some shorter term goals that I can continue to focus on until they are achieved.

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