Hello, and welcome!!!

That’s me, floating in the Dead Sea, in 2014. So, why do people come to an About page? I think I go to find out … what kind of person is this? And… what is this blog about?

I’m sorry to say, the answer to the second question will become clearer the more I write. It’s my online journal. I called it Unruffled Peace because that is what I am seeking. I obviously haven’t found it yet, and this isn’t a blog with answers, advice, or instructions. I expect it will be filled with things I ponder on my spiritual journey, interspersed with posts about movies, books, home projects, and family life.

As for the first question, what would you like to know about me? A) Just the facts,  B) Random likes and dislikes, C) Opinions and beliefs, or D) All of the above?

OK, I’ll go with D.  I am a Catholic woman, married to Bob, and mother to our six children living on earth. I’m American, and my hair is naturally gray. (You’d be surprised at how often I’m asked about this. Apparently, many people think I am younger, but I dye my hair because I want to look like a 50 year old. But there was also that one woman who saw me walking in the park, hand in hand with my youngest daughter, and said to me, “Lucky grandma!”)

I like sweets, don’t like coffee, and I’m not sure if I’ll always be a night owl, or if I will someday be disciplined enough to go to bed early, wake up early, and get enough sleep. I love hot baths, hot showers, and the ocean. (Not necessarily going in it, but staring at it and smelling it and hearing it. I think I would love to live near it, but at this time in my life, I’m about two hours away from it an average of 364 days a year.)

I have a Liberal Studies degree and an MBA. I think this is because I was indecisive, (OK, sometimes I still am.) and the company I worked for payed for business courses. At the time, it seemed irresponsible of me to not take advantage of the education benefits. Now, I am grateful that my husband works in an office so that I don’t have to, and I can spend much of my time learning along with my children or on my own.

I love thinking about ideas as I do laundry, yard work, cooking, cleaning, and other necessary, repetitive work. I hope to write about many of these ideas here.