Operation Joyful Space 2.0

Operation Joyful Space, my plan to declutter my whole house in six months has failed. Halfway through the six months, I have barely completely the tasks of the first month. I have my excuses. There were March birthdays, and three nights of Footloose the Musical. There was the announcement that the high school where my son is a junior and my daughter is a sophomore will be closing at the end of this school year; and the efforts made to try to keep the school open. (Which have succeeded, for 2018-2019 at least.) And there was my mom’s 70th birthday dinner, and my brother and his wife and son stayed with us, and Easter….

And maybe there was also some procrastination going on. Sometimes it’s hard to get started. Six months sounds like a big commitment.

So today I got back to it. I made a new checklist Decluttering the Whole House. I’ve sorted the areas in my home by the amount of time I’m guessing it will take to declutter them. There are small projects, larger projects and major projects. I intend to pick at the smaller ones daily for at least 15 minutes a day. During the upcoming April school vacation, I plan on tackling the larger projects and maybe a major one. I want to focus on this and GET IT DONE!! I also want to post my progress on this weekly, on Sundays, to give me some accountability.

Today I knocked off the first task: Cheryl’s clothing. I packed my out-of-season clothes in a bin, and stored it in the basement. What is currently stored in my dresser and in my closet? My Spring Capsule Wardrobe, pajamas, work-out clothing, yardwork/cleaning clothes, my movie popcorn T-shirt, and my bathing suit. I’ll do a Spring Capsule Wardrobe post soon. And I’ll be back on Sunday.

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