The End of Summer


We all went “back-to-school” a week and a half ago, but this will (according to the calendar) be the last week of summer. Today, I’ve had some time for reflection.  I have concluded that, yes, it was a good one. I’m already missing its slower pace. After two weeks of feeling nonstop busy, I’ve decided that (when possible) I must keep Sunday a day of rest.

I rested this summer. I was fortunate to spend many days sitting in a chair near my father’s pool.  And during the last week of August, I spent five days with my family at Cape Cod.  I love the ocean!  Not necessarily going in it, just looking at it.  And hearing it… and smelling it.  I love the warmth of the sun and the sand, and even the wind if it’s not too strong.   I would have stayed at the beach from sunrise until sunset if my family wanted to, but a couple of hours were enough for them.  So I slept in, played pool, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (and its sequel), and ate ice cream for dinner.  I also kayaked for the first time ever.  All alone on the pond, I felt serene until three hawks started circling above me.  I googled, “Do hawks attack people?” and I texted Bobby, “Would you like to come out on the pond with me?”  (I didn’t ditch the iPhone on vacation.)  I also spent many hours reading tween fiction, out in the fresh air, without any distractions, interruptions, or time limits. I was blessed with that feeling of peace and joy.

I also worked this summer.  Bobby and I spent many days trimming arborvitae bushes (and tree branches and vines) at my father’s house, and I weeded, gardened and mowed the lawn at our own home.  I cleaned the walls, windows, tables, and flooring in our schoolroom.

The soundtracks of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and Hamilton, the audible original Emma,  and lectures on Classical U, kept my mind from boredom.  Speaking of Classical U, have you ever heard of the idea of Schole? There’s an idea for another post.  Along with my fall capsule wardrobe, a decluttering update, and more… But for now, I will continue to enjoy the slower pace of Sunday and the end of the summer.  And I hope that you will too.


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