Room Tours: The Schoolroom

I deep clean our schoolroom annually in August. It feels good to start a new school year in a clean room. Every year, I rearrange the furniture to suit our current needs. This year is quite different than the rest. I have two children homeschooling, one who goes to a local Catholic high school, one who is attending college remotely, one who is working and living at home; and my oldest son lives in his own apartment. The room has now become a schoolroom-bedroom-gameroom-library-family room. Let me show you around.

When you first come in, the left side (shown above) is the area where we work at tables. Here we do schoolwork, arts and crafts, play board games, cards, and ping pong, draw, and paint nails.

On the right side, you can see the area where we watch movies, TV shows, or a Latin lesson. We play games, read books, go to Zoom meetings, listen to music, hang out and talk, and sometimes nap.

Behind the three book shelves, or “the library”, is Rachel’s bedroom. Rachel is fourteen now. In my Girls Room Tour, I showed the room she shared with her two younger sisters. This summer, she moved into the schoolroom temporarily, to give them all more space. It seemed to work out well for everyone, so she’s hasn’t moved back. This is her space.

Because she goes out to school early every morning, we are not bothering her when we are in here during the day, and I guess you can say that she is also not bothering us. Rachel keeps her room neat. We have been putting all of our school stuff back into the closet around three o’clock each day to keep the room tidy and available for other activities.

The cabinets and drawers (shown above) store our arts, crafts and office supplies. I posted interior pictures in 2018, when I decluttered the schoolroom. This area hasn’t changed much. I did get rid of our old computer cabinet and the two cherry cabinets, so most supplies are now stored in the schoolroom closet. The toys were moved to the closet in the girls’ room, and I also moved our games from downstairs into the schoolroom closet. The top two closet shelves still hold the the sentimental items I want to deal with before I’ll call myself a minimalist. This will require finishing up scrapbooks and much scanning.

Some of our games I put on the shelves of a new TV stand we purchased this year. When my mother was moving into her condo, she gave us a large TV she no longer wanted. Here’s the set-up.

This room is above the garage, so it can be chilly during the cold weather months. I think the fireplace insert might warm up the room. If not, it’ll make it look cozy.

I’m feeling grateful to have so much space, comfort and beauty to enjoy during this time of quarantines and social distancing. And we have no shortage of things with which to occupy our bodies and souls.

Thanks for joining me on this tour of our schoolroom. If you like room tours, check out my Room Tours category.

One thought on “Room Tours: The Schoolroom

  1. Wow!!! 💜 It looks amazing and I love the way you’ve created unique spaces for all your needs/wants in that room. Must feel so good! Awesome Cheryl!!


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