Continuing This Blogging Streak …

I don’t have much time, but I can say a few things.

Though I didn’t like science in school, and I have a different worldview; I do find myself identifying with Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory. I appreciate: his desire for things to be chronological, his not wanting to lie, his discomfort with not finishing things, his difficulties with sarcasm and the expectation that people are speaking literally, and his pleasure in sorting, organizing, and labeling stuff. There’s probably more. I really hope I am not as immature, and annoying to other people as he can be.

My daughter, Sarah, is graduating from a local community college and she won’t be attending the ceremony. I did the same when I finished the classes for my bachelor’s degree. I remember when my diploma came in the mail. I sat down on the sofa in my apartment, opened the envelope and admired the large paper for a minute. I think I said, “Cool!” And then I went and did something else.

My daughter, Rachel, will be going to the prom tomorrow with her boyfriend. I didn’t go to any proms during high school. I didn’t have any boyfriends either. I remember my father taking me out to Friendly’s and talking with me about it. He thought that if I didn’t go to my senior prom, I would regret it. I can honestly say that I have regretted many things and that is not one of them.

My youngest child, Mary, just turned twelve. For her birthday this year, Bobby and I told her that we’ll adopt a kitten. It’s something she’s wanted for a long time. I haven’t wanted any pets since my cat, Roxanne, died around 21 years ago. I didn’t want the responsibility of caring for a pet, in addition to all of the responsibilities that I already have or that I just think are mine. Monday, Mary and I visited a woman who is fostering kittens. Mary chose one of them, and we’ll hopefully be able to adopt him. We’ve been getting prepared; and I’m actually excited about it.

I’ll finish with an idea I heard two times today from two different sources. It’s the idea of walking with God, and that it is my lifeline. I want to be alive today, not just existing. I don’t want to be shuffling through my days, on auto-pilot, or exhausted. I’ve done enough of that. So, it’s good to be reminded. It’s not sleeping in, or getting more done, or having more fun, that will give me the life I seek.

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