Project 333

So I have a whole year of capsule wardrobes under my belt. (That sounds ridiculous to literal me.) Last year I put together a Winter Capsule Wardrobe mostly from items I owned.  Then I created my first Spring Capsule Wardrobe with the help of an ebook and by purchasing new clothing.  It was exciting, although I had many questions.  I enjoyed looking more feminine most of the time, but I’ll admit I sometimes sacrificed comfort to look like a forty something year old mom who could make 90 outfits out of twenty something items.

I continued the concept with my own version of the Summer Capsule Wardrobe. It was easy and comfortable.  I may have had a few too many items that I didn’t end up wearing.  Then came the Fall Capsule Wardrobe, which was fun and comfy except for a few pieces that felt tight because I gained some weight.  I used an ebook again and my mother commented on how nice I looked in colors I didn’t usually wear. Instead of gray, charcoal, or black, I was being seen in public in burgundy and pink.

When it came time to set up another winter one I hesitated.  The clothing in the winter ebooks didn’t look warm and cozy to me.  And I had so many nice fall clothes and a pile of old winter clothes in my basement. How would I choose? I decided to go with a clothing experiment I’ve done in the past called Project 333.  For me, it was a quick and easy way to choose from what I had (and what I got for Christmas) to make a simple winter wardrobe. Because it included outerwear and accessories (and mittens!) I had to choose only my favorite winter items.

Here they are:

  1. blue boot cut jeans
  2. blue skinny jeans
  3. black skinny jeans
  4. green skinny jeans
  5. burgundy skinny jeans
  6. gray sweater
  7. 24601 T-shirt
  8. purple flannel shirt
  9. purple long sleeve T
  10. white long sleeve T
  11. burgundy flannel shirt
  12. burgundy long sleeve T
  13. navy striped sweater
  14. black turtleneck
  15. white sweater
  16. black cardigan
  17. beige cardigan
  18. gray cardigan
  19. navy hoodie
  20. fringed cardigan
  21. hiking boots
  22. black western boots
  23. tan heeled boots
  24. snow boots
  25. black & white plaid scarf
  26. black scarf
  27. red scarf
  28. mittens
  29. gloves
  30. sunglasses
  31. winter coat
  32. tote bag
  33. purse

It’s fun to experiment with new ideas and see how they work in real life.  I’m not completely sold on the capsule wardrobe concept.  I don’t know if it matters to me whether or not it appears that I am wearing many different outfits.  In fact, I recently saw a male acquaintance who was wearing a short sleeve black T-shirt with blue jeans and comfortable looking sneakers.  I think the last time I saw him he may have been wearing a short sleeve black T-shirt, tan shorts and comfortable looking sandals.  That is how I used to dress.  The fact that I noticed this and had a desire for this simplicity will likely influence how I dress in future seasons.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

We’re about halfway through the fall season, and I’m just getting around to posting about my fall capsule wardrobe. Yesterday, I packed away a couple of sleeveless tops and a pair of shorts that I kept out because we were still having some hot weather in October, but I think that’s over now. I also noticed that there are several items I haven’t even worn yet.  Maybe I don’t need them.

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t worn the black jeans because they’ve been feeling too tight. I gained a few pounds. I’m not tempted to wear the dress, skirt or pumps in the colder weather. And the same for the jean jacket. Sweaters and sweatshirts feel cozier.

So here is what I have been wearing, starting with the tops: white, gray, black, and charcoal long sleeve T-shirts, an ivory top, a striped long sleeve T-shirt, a chambray shirt, black plaid and burgundy plaid tunics, and my Les Mis T-shirt.

The bottoms are: blue boot cut jeans, and burgundy, hunter green, and blue skinny jeans.

The layers are as follows: charcoal, olive, gray, and beige cardigans; navy and gray hoodies; and a black raincoat.

The shoes and accessories are:  black western boots, gray converse sneakers, hiking boots, black sling-back pumps, a scarf, a black handbag, a black tote bag, and a silver necklace (not shown).

The inspiration for this wardrobe was from The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2018 Collection found at Classy Yet Trendy.  I basically copied it by using what I have and buying several of the items in it.  I simplified the wardrobe a bit by not adding the beige ankle boots, suede jacket and handbag. So I use black with everything, which may not look as nice sometimes, but it saved money.

The capsule wardrobe concept makes shopping way less overwhelming for me. Instead of looking for a new top for fall (out of the endless choices), I can look specifically for a black and white plaid shirt. And tweaking it is not hard. I went with a tunic because I like to cover my butt.  The hiking boots make me comfortable in rain and mud, and the men’s hoodie sweatshirts are great on chilly fall days. (with a blanket, for super cozy)

These capsule wardrobes have also taken me out of my comfort zone, and have kept me from just wearing my grubbies all the time.  They’ve reminded me that twenty years ago (before kids) I used to enjoy wearing heels.  (and pencil skirts and mini skirts and bodysuits and Bongo jeans… Yikes!) And if I want to continue to fit in my skinny jeans, I might have to eat better or work out. I’ll just have to take better care of myself, body and soul.


Summer Capsule Wardrobe

This is my first summer capsule wardrobe ever!  I created it with items from my spring capsule wardobe, with items that I wore last summer, and a few new pieces that I bought in June.  I planned on wearing it from July 1st-October 1st, but I actually began wearing it in the middle of June when we had a stretch of super hot weather.

I’ll start with the bottoms:  white crop jeans, blue skinny jeans, tan capri pants, black skirt, denim shorts, tan shorts, and (sorry to say) chambray shorts that I bought in June, and haven’t worn yet. They feel more snug than my denim shorts, and they are practically the same color. I also bought the tan shorts this year and have worn them once. I usually only wear shorts around the house, so I probably don’t need three of them.

Next up are the tops: black & white striped tank, black tank, red striped tank, gray sleeveless top, gray T-shirt, white T-shirt, striped T-shirt, and my pineapple shirt.

Here are the layers:  jean jacket, jean vest (that my daughter didn’t wear anymore), white tassel top, white button down sweater, thin black sweater.

The footwear:  black wedge heels, black sandals, and gray converse sneakers.

Dresses and accessories:  black sleeveless dress, new shift dress, black handbag, and black Read Aloud Revival tote.

I have some other items too that I don’t consider part of my capsule wardrobe. They are: a bathing suit, sunglasses, pajamas, work out clothing, my Yoda T-shirt, (for cleaning and yardwork) my popcorn T-shirt and navy hoodie, (that I wear to the movies) and my red, Pura Vida and black “Stick It to the Man” T-shirts (that I wear around the house sometimes).

This looks pretty minimalist, but I think I wore fewer items in the past. Last summer, I would wear only my black sandals with one of my two pairs of boot cut jeans or my denim shorts, and a T-shirt (usually one I received as a souvenir from a foreign country Bobby visited).  It was like a low maintenance uniform.  And I didn’t own a purse. Having a capsule wardrobe takes a little more preparation, but it is simple once set up, and it gives me a more feminine, stylish appearance.

Does appearance matter? Does a capsule wardrobe make me more confident? Does it save me time, money, or decision fatigue?  These are questions to ponder.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I made my spring capsule wardrobe by using the ebook, The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2018 Collection that I purchased from the website Classy Yet Trendy.  It was SO helpful. Without it, I would not have known where to begin, and I probably wouldn’t have even made one for the spring.

I purchased about 30% of the exact recommended items; I tweaked it a little bit by substituting my own versions of  50% of the items, and the remaining 20% I skipped completely. I didn’t buy bandanas or necklaces, and I passed on two of the bottoms because I do laundry six days a week and I’m hoping I can get by with just four bottoms. So far, I’ve made it almost two weeks with just two bottoms.  It’s been so cold here!  Let me show you my wardrobe!

The bottoms: black skinny jeans, blue skinny jeans, white cropped jeans and this black mermaid skirt from the Gap

The tops: white T-shirt, gray T-shirt, black short sleeve top, black tank, striped tank, light blue pineapple shirt, gray striped shirt, beige lightweight sweater, and striped mariner shirt

The layers:  black cardigan, beige cardigan, gray cardigan, denim jacket, and a black rain coat

The footwear: black sling-backs and gray Converse sneakers that I already owned, and beige ballet flats and black slip-on wedges (both new, and not my usual styles)

The dress and accessories: a black sleeveless dress I bought a couple of years ago for $9.99, the recommended “budget-friendly” beige tote and black handbag from Target, my Hope and Read-Aloud Revival totes (I’m not sure if I’ll use both of them, but I’m keeping them in my closet anyway.)

And one more soft, lightweight, white sweater that I wore on Easter. It matches many items, so I may use it again.

IMG_6340 (1)

I officially started using this wardrobe on April 1st, and so far, I’m enjoying laying out a new outfit each night. Because of the cold weather, I’ve been sticking with the skinny jeans and converse sneakers. (I need to wear socks.) Three days ago, I even wore snow boots! And I haven’t packed away my winter coat and gloves yet.  It looks like warmer weather is expected at the end of this week, so more variety is coming!

Planning the Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I recently wrote about my Winter Capsule Wardrobe and that I was eagerly awaiting The Stay at Home Mom Capsule Wardrobe ebook on the blog, Classy Yet Trendy. It turned out that I wasn’t attracted to it. I don’t care for the colors blush and coral, which I could have substituted with other colors, but I also don’t like to wear leggings. I really liked the French Minimalist Spring Capsule Wardrobe. So I bought the ebook!

This is a whole new style for me. Last spring, I mostly wore boot cut jeans or old tan cargo-style capri pants, along with T-shirts that Bobby brought home for me from foreign countries. And everyday I wore black Teva athletic sandals. When I was cleaning or mowing the lawn, I wore my Yoda T-shirt. (I’ll probably still do that.)

So I planned my Winter Capsule Wardrobe without an ebook. I had loads of winter clothes, and I only purchased a few items. This spring one is the opposite. I only have a few items, and I needed to purchase loads of them. So that’s what I’ve been doing this week. I bought some online and I did a shopping marathon yesterday. I didn’t even eat or use a restroom for about six hours! Crazy!

I’ll be interested to see if these items will last for a long time. In fact, I have beaucoup (That’s French for many.) questions:

Will I not need to buy anything next spring?

Will some of these items be used in the summer capsule wardrobe?

Should I buy the black handbag and beige tote? They look cool, but if I get them, what would I put in them besides my money belt? What does a French minimalist carry?

Can I pass on the other accessories? Necklaces and bandana scarves might be too over the top for me. I feel like I’m going to be high maintenance enough with ballet flats.

Will anyone notice a difference in my appearance? Going from boot cut to skinny jeans seems drastic to me. And I haven’t worn a denim jacket since 1989.

Will I actually use the outfit guide to create all those combinations? Or will I wear the same few favorites over and over and realize that I only needed half of what I purchased?

Will this be simple? Setting it up is taking me more time than I expected. Some things didn’t fit well. I needed to look for a substitute shoe because Bobby didn’t like the loafers.  I’m waiting for some expensive white pants to go on sale…

Will I actually go out in public with the substitute shoes I chose? (See below.)


These are some things to ponder on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I’m sure my questions will all be answered during the coming months. But for now, there are still several more weeks of winter.