Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I made my spring capsule wardrobe by using the ebook, The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2018 Collection that I purchased from the website Classy Yet Trendy.  It was SO helpful. Without it, I would not have known where to begin, and I probably wouldn’t have even made one for the spring.

I purchased about 30% of the exact recommended items; I tweaked it a little bit by substituting my own versions of  50% of the items, and the remaining 20% I skipped completely. I didn’t buy bandanas or necklaces, and I passed on two of the bottoms because I do laundry six days a week and I’m hoping I can get by with just four bottoms. So far, I’ve made it almost two weeks with just two bottoms.  It’s been so cold here!  Let me show you my wardrobe!

The bottoms: black skinny jeans, blue skinny jeans, white cropped jeans and this black mermaid skirt from the Gap

The tops: white T-shirt, gray T-shirt, black short sleeve top, black tank, striped tank, light blue pineapple shirt, gray striped shirt, beige lightweight sweater, and striped mariner shirt

The layers:  black cardigan, beige cardigan, gray cardigan, denim jacket, and a black rain coat

The footwear: black sling-backs and gray Converse sneakers that I already owned, and beige ballet flats and black slip-on wedges (both new, and not my usual styles)

The dress and accessories: a black sleeveless dress I bought a couple of years ago for $9.99, the recommended “budget-friendly” beige tote and black handbag from Target, my Hope and Read-Aloud Revival totes (I’m not sure if I’ll use both of them, but I’m keeping them in my closet anyway.)

And one more soft, lightweight, white sweater that I wore on Easter. It matches many items, so I may use it again.

IMG_6340 (1)

I officially started using this wardrobe on April 1st, and so far, I’m enjoying laying out a new outfit each night. Because of the cold weather, I’ve been sticking with the skinny jeans and converse sneakers. (I need to wear socks.) Three days ago, I even wore snow boots! And I haven’t packed away my winter coat and gloves yet.  It looks like warmer weather is expected at the end of this week, so more variety is coming!

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