Decluttering Checklist: Weeks Eight and Nine

So this is what I checked off since my last post:

  • dining room (another round)
  • linen closet
  • extra closet
  • master bathroom
  • master bedroom (my own things)
  • Sarah’s clothing
  • Rachel’s clothing
  • Matthew’s clothing
  • my clothing
  • basement: clothing storage
  • basement: decorations
  • basement: trash from Matthew’s room
  • mudroom


So, I went through the dining room again after realizing that I had just glanced around the hutch without actually touching each item and asking myself questions about it.  I took out our excess gravy boats, crystal dishes, platters, and this cheese dome.  I asked Bobby about them, and surprisingly, he thought we could get rid of the cheese dome and one crystal platter.  So these are gone.


The linen closet and extra closet in our back hall “before” and “after” photos:

The extra closet stores: lightbulbs, batteries, my tools, paper products, the crock pot, a box of items to return, a box of items to donate, and some more household maintenance items. I’ve been through these areas so many times, that we are left with only items we actually use.  I think I got rid of about four blankets and 2 pillowcases. Also, some items we meant to return and never did.

I brought up my out of season clothing and I’m donating (with Sarah’s too) a full kitchen trash bag.  I plan on making my own summer capsule wardrobe soon.  I may buy a few new items, but most of it will come from items already in my spring capsule wardrobe.

This is where I began in the basement.


I updated the lists I keep inside some of the clothing bins so I know what’s in them.


I crossed out items as I purged them, and added new items going in.  I also made a few new labels for the bins and went through the Halloween and Easter (and other holiday) decorations. I know we use all of the Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations, with the exception of the Carousel. I asked Bobby about it because it belongs to him. No answer yet.

Finally, these are things that have gone “out the door”, and there are even more items in the back of my van right now.  I’m making progress!

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