Decluttering Checklist: Week Two

This week I checked off:

  • kitchen desk
  • foyer closet
  • utility closet
  • pantry

For decluttering the kitchen desk, I tried something called the “Shock Treatment Declutter Method”.  I read about it on Uncluttered Simplicity.

  1. I took everything out of my desk and put it on my bed.


Then I sorted it into these categories:

  • Paper (in piles and files) and Product Manuals (in binders)
  • Cookbooks
  • Matthew’s paper tray
  • Electronics
  • Stationery
  • Office Supplies
  • Cash
  • Keys
  • Gift Cards
  • Library/Store Cards
  • Kids’ bank books and cash (in tin)
  • Decorations
  • Items to repair

2.  I surveyed the damage. I observed that there was stuff with no assigned homes, too much paper, things I never use, and that my paper filing system was not simple enough. I decided to keep paper separate as it is listed on my checklist as a “Major Project”.

3.  Step 3 is to ruthlessly eliminate. I don’t think I was ruthless, but I eliminated stuff and I was happy that most of the things I returned to my desk are things I use regularly. (I may not use the sticky tabs often, and I kept a few paper clips that I may not need.)

Next was the foyer closet. I removed 2 games with the kids’ permission, and 24 hangers.


I noticed I’d like to replace the ironing board cover. I started a wish list. (Maybe I’ll get one for Christmas.)

I took everything out of the utility closet.  (See below.) I sorted into these categories:

  • cleaning supplies
  • children’s medicine
  • first aid
  • bandages & tape
  • aprons
  • sunscreen/bug spray

I got rid of old stuff, and reorganized.


The pantry was a mess. I forgot to take a before picture, and I’m glad I did. Here is the after picture.


It will be a little more filled up after our next food shopping trip. Those Easter pails will be stored in the basement with the Easter decorations after more candy is eaten. I am pleased that everything in here has a home.  Most of the shelves are labeled with a category name and a little list of what goes on the shelf.  This is school vacation week, so I am expecting to declutter for a block of time each day. I may even post more frequently.

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