Decluttering Checklist: Week Three

This week I checked off:

  • Joseph’s room
  • The girls’ room

I had expected to get much more decluttering done during the past week, which was school vacation, BUT…

I turned this into a major project. The girls room, which Rachel, Hannah, and Mary share, was very cluttered. Hannah and Mary slept on a used bunk bed/trundle/storage unit that we were given for free a few years ago.  Hannah kept asking that they get their own beds, and Rachel really wanted to make some changes in their room. Here are some before pictures.

So we took every single item out and moved it into the hallway and the school room. It was crazy how much stuff was in that room.

Then I started to panic. It was overwhelming. We probably took a snack break.

Then we cleaned the room, and here’s where I made this into an even bigger project.  I took down the bunk bed. We put all the pieces in my garage bay. (I still can’t park in there.) I moved the rest of the furniture out.

Ah!! The calm of an empty space. It was all ready to paint. But no, there wasn’t time for that. If it was summer, I would have done it, but we needed our school room back on the following Monday.

The next step was decluttering Joseph’s room. I moved the things he wanted to keep into the empty room.  This took up most of Tuesday. He got rid of some clothes, books, komono and loads of paper. He kept every single Lego.

On Wednesday, we went through the girls’ stuff. They got rid of some, but on Wednesday night (and Thursday) we went shopping. We plan to replace the bunk bed with other furniture, but I haven’t made any decisions yet. We bought a new lamp, a comforter set for Rachel’s bed, and a set of plastic drawers. And then I had a very busy three days and now vacation is over. So this project will be continued…

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