Room Tours: The Master Bedroom

Welcome to my Room Tour Category!  This is my second post here.  The first one was a tour of the girls’ room.  This will be a tour of the room I share with my husband, Bob.  I think I’ve been calling him Bobby here.  I usually call him Bob when I’m talking about him, and Bobby when I’m talking to him. Oh well.

I found some pictures of this room, from 2010, on a blog that I stopped keeping at the end of that year. I had blogged for five years, and then I took a break from it until this year.  I read a few posts, and although I was still pondering the same ideas as I am today, I could see that I have made progress with simplifying (though slowly) over the past seven and a half years.  For example, back then I was overwhelmed by our kitchen clutter, and today our kitchen seems to be in good order.

So here is what our bedroom looked like back then:

We bought the Shaker style furniture when we moved into our first home in 1999.  Then we decorated the room like this in 2006, when we moved into our current home.  Eventually, the quilt started falling apart.  I flipped it over for awhile, then I took it off completely and just had sheets and blankets for awhile.  This year I wanted a change. I did something drastic.  I moved the furniture around for the first time in twelve years.  I took down the pictures.  Then I replaced the valances with sheers.  And I bought new bedding, lampshades and placemats for the nightstands.  So this is how it looks now.


I looked at loads of pictures online and found neutral colors were most attractive to me. I’m usually frugal, but this time I splurged on some 750 count sheets and they are amazing!  I feel like I’m in a hotel at night.  It’s very cozy and comfortable.  So we each have our own nightstands.  I keep a prayer book, earbuds, my Kindle, and a box of tissues in mine.


The armoire belongs to Bob.  The little decoration on top was the cake topper from our wedding cake.  It was a gift from his mother.  She painted it to look like us.  I have a cute little veil and beads and flowers just like the real ones.  Well if I knew I was going to share all these details, I would have taken a closer picture of the thing.


The dresser is mine. And you can see our bathroom door on the left.  My closet door is next, and our bedroom door leads to the living room. My dresser currently holds a wedding picture, my undergarments, socks, pajamas, work out clothing, bathing suit, jeans, shorts, T-shirts, dressy pumps and nylons, a sentimental box, and the jewelry the girls receive as gifts, but don’t wear yet. Most of my capsule wardrobe is hung in my closet.


Bobby’s closet is across from mine and he has the larger one, because he has more clothing.  My closet is L-shaped. I keep my clothing at one end, and on the other end…


are my books!  After seeing the movie, War Room, I created a prayer closet.  Before capsule wardrobes, I kept all of my clothing in my dresser.  But I found that because of the shape of my closet, It doesn’t bother me to have clothing in here too.  I actually like leaning on my bathrobe when I’m reading on the floor.


You can see Bobby’s closet and our bathroom door on the right. I haven’t hung any pictures on the walls yet.  I’m enjoying the simplicity of the room.  If Bobby doesn’t tell me he wants stuff on the walls, it’s going to stay this way.  We have talked about getting an electric fireplace in here.  I’m thinking it would go to the right of my dresser.  Maybe when it gets cold again.  So this is our room and that’s the end of the tour.


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