Summer Goodness


I am ready to get back into blogging now, but where to begin?

I can share the small accomplishments of my day so far.  I swam fifty laps (very slowly) across my father’s pool. (Across and back counts as one lap.)  I sold one book online and shipped it to Wisconsin.  I had a discussion about potential colleges with my seventeen-year-old daughter and her piano teacher.  I made my bed?  Ok, I’m stretching it now.

I had high hopes for this summer. For some reason, I thought I would blow through my “To Do” lists. (I have many of them.) Then June taught me that laundry, appointments, paperwork, shopping, and other people take a considerable amount of my time each day. We also just finished an unusual party marathon, in which we hosted parties for a First Communion, a Confirmation, and a high school graduation in addition to hosting and attending our regular spring/summer celebrations.

So my great expectations, left me feeling overwhelmed.  After many days of prayer and meditation, I think I’ve let them go.

I am ready to slow down. I can enjoy my life one day at a time. I can be grateful for the little things I accomplish each day and not worry about what I didn’t do.  I get anxious inside when I want to do everything at once. What needs to be done will be done eventually. I can trust God, be present, and notice the good.

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